The Objective

To successfully deploy new services in order to support the new SAP-based platform globally.

The Challenge
  • Maintaining continuity of service during onboarding new partners aligned with the release plan.
  • Existing service introduction processes were unsuitable for large-scale implementation of a cloud-based global SAP platform.
The Solution
  • Customised transition and transformation methodology to meet the Client's requirements.
  • Developed tailored transition framework, utilising extensive industry knowledge which allowed the new BAU support partner to be introduced in a controlled manner, without disrupting the program and maintaining business function continuity.
  • Managed the onboarding process, operational acceptance, knowledge transfer and support model operationalisation of the new partner while providing post-go-live hyper care transition support.
The Outcome
  • The framework developed was embedded within the program lifecycle.
  • Allowing the client to focus on the delivery of the program while reducing the timeframe for completion.
  • Successfully rolled out of the cloud-based global SAP platform across all remaining geographical regions.
Key Learnings
  • Early engagement with project SI teams is essential.
  • Ensuring the handshake between Business and Technical support models is vital.
  • Consideration of geographical variations is necessary.