The Objective

Enable all system projects that follow SLC governance to be able to use the ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) system, replacing paper-based testing.

The Challenge

A risk & compliance deviation had been in place since 2020 to support validation testing carried out by teams who were working from home in response to the COVID pandemic. ​

This deviation allowed approvals for testing via email rather than wet signature but expired on 30-June-22. ​

From 01-July 22 onwards, validation testing, and approvals had to be executed either via the paper based / wet signature approval process or using the ALM system. At the point the project was mobilised in February 2022, only the SAP system teams had used the ALM system for validation testing.

The Solution
  • As the ALM had only been used to support the SAP system teams, the project had to design and document an end-to-end user ALM onboarding, training and test execution support framework and best practice processes. ​
  • In addition, the project provided resources to deliver onboarding support, role-based training workshops and functional support to end users. ​
  • A governance model leveraged full inclusion of the key project stakeholders to ensure a consistent and focused approach to delivery of the project’s objectives. ​
  • The project successfully transitioned into BAU on 31-Mar-23, a self-service model, made possible through the processes and documentation created by the project.
The Outcome

The Project was mobilised early in Feb and onboarding of system & project teams to use ALM began from March-22, with the first teams executing their test plans from June – before the current solution expired. ​

It took until March 23 to fully transition the business over to the new ALM system. ​

​The project required 77 system/project teams to be onboarded to use the ALM for their system validation testing. Of these, 66 teams had completed at least one test plan and a further 11 were executing test plans. An additional 21 teams were in the process of onboarding onto the ALM prior to starting their testing.