optimal delivery

design transition

Designing the right models is important when delivering the right outcome.

At Integrity we pride ourselves on having the knowledge and skills to not only help our clients choose the right models, but we also support them through the transition from old to new.

Having the right governance model in place ensures that your project or service has the best chance of success.

We have designed, deployed and operated successful models across projects and services of all shapes and sizes.

This experience has given us great learnings about what works and more importantly what doesn’t.

We will work with your business to make sure the delivery framework is sized correctly to achieve the desired outcome.

A framework could be used to;

  • Develop your project delivery function
  • Build processes to stop changes from impacting live production environments
  • Want more control of business performance and user experience

So, you have delivered the project. What now?

Our team will be on hand to help your business smoothly transition over to any new ways of working.

When working through the initial business case, planning and project deliverables, we would have already considered the operating and support models needed to make sure any transition is implemented seamlessly.