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February 21, 1994

Dear Sir/Madam:

As an Attorney in a fast paced Law office I needed a reliable and stable network to connect my 5 computer users. I wanted to install Microsoft's "Windows for Workgroups" and my experience was very frustrating as I went through three different consultants before I finally found Data Integrity and Doug Fox.
Since Data Integrity is specializing in "Windows for Workgroups" they were able to bring me the support and technical expertise that I had been looking for. They recommended and installed a 10BaseT Ethernet implementation using a 12-port hub and I have found this to be a much more reliable and stable environment than the coaxial cable setup that I had used previously. The network now works faster and troubleshooting is much easier.

I am very interested in computers and I have done a lot of my own installations but I have found working with a consultant like Doug Fox, that I can save time and money by having the job done right by someone who is in constant contact with the products that I am using. Doug has a lot of patience and works well with the people in my office to guide them in the proper operation of the network.

Since we are constantly scheduling closings and court appearances I have really enjoyed using the Schedule+ application that comes with Windows for Workgroups. It allows my secretaries to schedule meetings for me and my partner in one place that is accessible to the whole office. This is real "Workgroup Computing" and I would recommend it to other attorneys who have this same need.

I am very happy with the way our network now performs and the way Data Integrity went about installing it. I am planning on using Data Integrity when we add new network printers or put more computer systems onto our network. If you have any question about this letter please don't hesitate to call me.

Very Truely Yours,
Jeffrey M. Steinberg