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October 6, 1993

Dear Sir/Madam:

Let me begin with my strong recommendation for the services of Data Integrity Inc. This fresh innovative company recommended, configured and installed a Microsoft "Windows for Workgroups" network for us using Novell Netware, IBM Computers and HP printers. We couldn't have been more pleased with the results. Data Integrity provided us with good training, high quality products and most important, first class service and support.

We were surprised just how much this network could do for us. All the users can share any of the printers, share files with each other, receive centralized backup of their files, send electronic mail as well as do collaborative scheduling with each other.

We are a high volume mail order firm and were in need of a company focused on service and support. It is essential that our computer systems continually be up and running to support our customers. Data Integrity has demonstrated patience and perseverance in solving problems that cropped up in our complicated environment (such as a freak lightening storm that struck our network cable the day after installation). Data Integrity came to the rescue on the weekend bringing our system back on line in time for the Monday morning rush.

There are not many companies that provide the kind of personalized and ongoing service we have received from Data Integrity. We plan to continue utilizing their services as we contemplate adding new users to our network or expanding its productivity. I can't say enough about Doug Fox and Data Integrity. Don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions.

Peter Maffe

Contemporary Enterprises Ltd.
161 Crooked S Road
Box 368
Stafford Springs CT 06076